It's 22nd on Melon's daily chart

Because it's IVE, people are expecting the song to slowly go up so the results are a bit disappointing

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1. The song sucks

2. I like the song so much

3. I think that the rank is fine. I listened to the song as soon as it came out but I don't think that it's a memorable song. The song was just ok...

4. I listened to it and found it so-so. I think that they'll go up if they release something upbeat next

5. The song is so-so

6. I like the song so much. It's such a comforting song ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. The song is so my style..

8. So IVE can't even rank higher than this?...

9. Considering it's a song from IVE, it's not doing great..

10. The song is so-so but their faces were freaking pretty in the MV

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