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1. Aren't they scared when they see what happened to San Francisco?

2. The result of what becoming tolerant of drugs does to your countryㅋ,,

3. Yup, and it's because of reactions like yours that San Francisco became what it is now

4. Take a look at the reality of your country because you're so "tolerant" about cannabis

5. Well, it's illegal here. So anything that's legal in their country but illegal in others' countries should be laughed at?

6. Are they playing mental gymnastics? Or do they want others' countries to get ruined like theirs?

7. San Franciscoㅎ

8. Well you can't do drugs in our country whatsoever

9. I do wish that our country would be equally strict about DUI and drugs but I don't think that these people are in the position of saying anything when they have cities ruined by drugs

10. They're right when they said our country has a lot of DUIs 

11. Then take him to your country

12. The kids writing those comments must all be druggiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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