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1. Ha... they don't look like NCT at all.. Can the comments leave NCT alone...? F*ck

2. I think that it's the same direction as Get A Guitar and there's no "neo" vibes at all

3. Wow Shotaro is seriously such a good dancer

4. Erm.... this is not my style

5. I had such high expectations but the song is so boring

6. Wow... the song is really bad. They hit it big once with Get A Guitarㅜ

7. Honestly, you can say that a song is bad if it's bad. They really couldn't get the vibes right

8. The beat is the only good thing but there's no charm to this. They should've just went with an easy listening. There's nothing unique about this

9. They don't look like rookies...

10. The MV and song are way too outdated. They should've went with something fresher. What a shame

11. Boring, they are not this nor that. Should've went with the Get A Guitar direction

12. The MV reminds me of Lachata

13. The people saying it sounds like NCT have never listened to NCT

14. This group's songs are just so not my style that I don't even listen to them. It's easy to get overwhelmed with songs like this and they are so hard to pull off. They need that fresh factor

15. It's like a mix of Suju and NCT

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