Q: Taemin, even though you're the maknae, is there a part of you that you'd like to "appeal" to show that you actually have a manly side?

A: I don't really want to appeal, but... (laughter) I think manliness is all about determination. I often think these days that I'm determined to put a kind smile on everyone's face.

An interview from 2019

original pots: here

1. As expected... What he said is true

2. The real man here

3. He's a real man 

4. This is a real man 

5. Yah this is such an unexpected answer, but I can tell he's f*cking confident

6. The moment he said he didn't want to appeal, it was already freaking perfect. As expected from a real man 

7. This is how people should all think 
The fact that people in this world even talk about what it is to be manly is lame.. 

8. I fell for him 

9. A kind man is a true man 

10. The man among men 

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