Actress Song Da Eun, who has been the subject of dating rumors with BTS member Jimin, issued a warning against some of the ARMY.

On October 20th, Song Da Eun updated her Instagram story saying, "Please ask the third party's business to someone other than me and I'm in my right mind. Don't threaten me about how scary the fandom is and how I'm doing the things that I'll be sued for."

She emphasized, "I've said it before, but I have been collecting data on Instagram and YouTube." She continued, "There are quite a few people who talk about me posting old pictures, but I thought that even if I posted today's picture, they would say it was old. They don't know my day, so I didn't respond to those comments."

Song Da Eun has been harassed by some BTS fans since her dating rumors with Jimin. They claimed that her previous posts were taken at Jimin's house or at the same location and demanded clarification on her Instagram. 

Meanwhile, Song Da Eun is an actress who debuted in 2011. She came into the limelight after appearing in Channel A's 'Heart Signal Season 2.'
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1. No but she said she's not dating him so why are you guys acting so much like akgaes here? Reserve this energy to if it's true

2. What is this? I've liked Jimin for over 6 years and it's my first time hearing about this... when are the trolls gonna die off?

3. Can people leave the two alone?..

4. No but who cares if they date or not? They are just minding their own business. Can you guys just fangirl in a healthy way?

5. Ah the girl is pitiful. How many women have the BTS fans tormented up until now?

6. I support her sueing those people

7. Seriously, whether they are dating or not, this isn't something that Song Daeun should be stepping in to say. They are only tormenting the woman's side

8. She refuted it so can you akgaes stop putting these two together?

9. She keeps denying it so what's why do these people still torment her?

10. If you want to know if he's dating her or not, why not go to him to ask him? Why go to the woman?

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