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Incheon National Police Agency investigates actor A and 7 others for drug crimes
"Drugged several times at residences and Gangnam entertainment venues since January"

While Mr. A, a male actor in his 40s, is reportedly under police investigation for suspected drug use, B, a third-generation chaebol, and C, an aspiring entertainer, are also under investigation for their involvement in the case. B and C have drug convictions and have been involved in distribution, so the scope of the investigation is expected to expand.

On the 20th, a source said, "The police, who received an intel that drugs were being distributed to celebrities at a brothel in Gangnam, Seoul, arrested certain people and conducted a search, and as a result, Mr. A's suspicions were revealed and an internal investigation was launched."

"Initially, an investigation was conducted against the owner and employees of the entertainment center, and during that time, suspicions of the involvement of celebrities such as B were detected," the source said, adding, "Eight people were initially booked, and it is known that some of them have been converted into suspects."

According to the Incheon National Police Agency's Drug Crime Investigation Division, Mr. A, who is undergoing a pre-institutional investigation (internal investigation) on suspicion of facilitation under the Narcotics Control Act, is suspected of repeatedly injecting hemp and other narcotics with acquaintances at his residence and a Gangnam brothel since January.

Mr. A, who made his debut in an MBC sitcom in 2001, has acted in a number of movies and dramas as a lead or supporting actor. Four years ago, he became a top actor after one of his roles received critical acclaim at home and abroad.

The actor, who recently garnered a lot of love from fans for his mystery thriller, was set to release another movie.

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1. They are almost telling us who he is at this point

2. Wow so they revealed everything aside from his nameㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. ㅎㅎ If he's this involved, it's basically over for him...

4. Seeing the last line, it really does seem like it's him...

5. It's as if they gave his identity away at this point

6. The last sentence... ah... erm....

7. Why would he involve an aspiring celebrity?

8. It can only be 1 person with all those hints

9. Who's that 3rd generation chaebol?

10. I'm not even surprised anymore..

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