"XG who really seems to be getting responses from overseas"

They're now receiving responses on Theqoo too... They're even stronger in the UK Spotify than the US one. 
Wow so they're really starting to seize the overseas market???

UK Spotify
They went from #19 in one day and dropped out from the chart
Right now, people are even claiming that they're rigging the Spotify charts

Ah ok...ㅎ
And that original post from Theqoo above was erased

original post: here

1. So even Spotify rigs

2. But the song is good

3. Look at how interested Theqoo is about XGㅋㅋ I would've never known about them if not for Theqoo 

4. I wonder how does Spotify rig their charts

5. I don't know their faces nor their songs, but they're always in Theqoo's HOT category. But their image isn't really good...

6. Who are they...

7. The rigged group 

8. Who?

9. I thought we were talking about YG

10. I f*cking hate them, they claim to not be KPOP so all those Japanese otakus are falling for them 

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