I was just watching YouTube and thought about this so I decided to write this post

You might think "what they? Their visuals do get mentioned" or "they get mentioned more than other members" or "it's because they are from a mid-sized agency" or whatever else but this is just what I think so let's not fight.

- aespa Ningning (I feel like all members are pretty equal lately but even so, since she's a foreigner, she gets overshadowed a bit by Karina and Winter)

- IVE Leeseo (in my opinion, she was really sensational when she debuted at first but because Wonyoung is a wall, she gets buried)

- NewJeans Minji (no no, she's f*cking pretty and gets mentioned a f*ck ton but I kinda feel like she was rivals in terms of popularity with Haerin at first, but nowadays, Haerin gets mentioned way more? If you look at her closely, she's just so pretty that this is f*cked up)

- Le Sserafim Yunjin (she's kind of the same as Leeseo. Her face is f*cking pretty but because she's known as being super talented, her visuals get overshadowed)

- Fromis_9 Nakying, Saerom (their company is just so bad at their work)

- TWICE Chaeyoung (relatively to other members)

- Everyone in Red Velvet (Jyom Yeri, Seulgi and Wendy are all visuals but they get overshadowed by Irene because she's a wall)

- NMIXX Sullyoon (She f*cking pretty but she doesn't get mentioned as much considering her looks. For real, she's a thousand years visual and she's talented too) + Bae (give her better styling)

- STAYC Seeun and J, for real I thought that Seeun was a princess at first

- Everyone in ITZY... They f*cking have no visual hole but I don't feel like they get mentioned a lot for their visuals

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1. [+59, -11]
Weeekly's Zoa, she's the top in this department

2. [+27, -3]
It's because their popularity is falling behind. They need a lot of fans to get mentioned a lot. If you ask people who they find the prettiest or handsomest, everyone will just mention their bias

3. [+22, -4]
To the people who say that if you get a lot of pages on Pann about you, then you're overrated, just look at aespa. They are not even the top group but every day, they have posts in the featured talks saying how their visuals are crazy

4. [+22, -2]
Minji's styling has slowly become makjang ever since Ditto so I think that's why people are mentioning her less ㅠㅠ

5. [+22, -7]
J an Seeun are the real deal, I agree... especially J, she's f*cking pretty

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