[enter-talk] WOW ISN'T MOMO CRAZY?

She looks exactly like your typical Japanese first love. F*cking pretty

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1. [+43, -50]
You find Momo's face pretty...?

2. [+27, -12]
She kinda has that distinctive that Japanese look. The tacky protruding mouth, wide cheeks, short chin, clear glow all make up a perfect baby faceㅋㅋㅋ Personally, I find Momo without bangs more my stule but they style her too Japanese-like sometimes

3. [+34, -12]
I'm shocked at how perfect she looks. I feel like she got even prettier

4. [+29, -9]
I agree that Momo is freaking pretty

5. [+21, -5]
To be honest, she's preatty

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