Bang Sihyuk, if you want to start taking out the "K" out of 'K-pop', start by taking responsibility for your idols' lives first

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1. This is seriously too much..........

2. What is this???

3. They are the same person?? Wow

4. I'm seeing this hair style over there too

5. That's really the same person? No way

6. Wow.. this is severe. But I don't think Bang Sihyuk has any say in their hair, makeup and coordiㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Bang Sihyuk has a touch in all of those things

7. This is a bit very severe. Is the person in charge of him in their right mind?

8. No but I thought that they made him do surgery but you can change this much just based on hair and makeup?? Crazy

9. I'm sorry but who is this?

10. That's Harua???

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