[instiz] WHAT IS THIS

*Sigh Youngseo sent a video message...*

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1. That's the private account of that RIIZE member
> Who???
>> SH

2. Who's Youngseo..?
> That rookie female idol from Hybe's survival profram
> That's Hybe's rookie girl group ILL'IT
>> That's his girlfriend....? 
>>> No, that's just his private IG story... I don't know what's happening ㅠ Isn't this just a video call?

3. That's SH's private account?

4. Wow...

5. Wow what now..

6. Wow what the? It keeps on coming...

7. Wow where is this from?

8. Whose private account is this?

9. Just why does it keep on coming?

10. They haven't even debuted yet, isn't she going to be either in the 4th or maybe even in the 5th gen? Ha f*ck 

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