I won’t be naming any names due to privacy concerns. 

There’s this influencer i follow on tiktok. She doesn’t have a huge following but i know her pictures sometimes go quite viral on instagram due to her being really pretty. 

I followed her because of her makeup tutorials but nowadays her content has been about delulu moments with idols during concert where she boasts about idols looking at her and the comments always hype her up, saying things like “(insert idol) is so into you”; “(insert idol) is definitely looking for you”; etc. 

Even though it was cringe, i still thought it was fine as most fangirls are delulus. However, recently she posted a video where she recorded an idol during their free time and approached them to give gifts and letters. As usual, the comments were hyping her up saying how lucky she was when it was obviously planned. 

There was only one person who questioned how’d she know where that idol was and she replied saying that her friend’s friend who is a fansite master told them. Another person replied saying how that fansite master was probably a sasaeng and she replied with a no because it was the staff who told the fansite master about the idols location. Which OBVIOUSLY is sasaeng behavior. However, no one questioned her again after the last reply. 

This makes me wonder if there are any other influencers who act like this and get a free pass just because they have a following.

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