I know this sounds weird but have you guys experienced life as a KPOP cover dancer? 

I have been doing it for 10 years. Since I was a teen, my friends and I have been dancing in our city and at first it was just for fun with our teenage obsession for KPOP. And we were one of the first groups in our city to do KPOP covers. But now that KPOP has gotten so huge over the years, there has been way more groups coming out and we are so happy to have a huge community now. 

That aside, there has been a lot of people that don't like us or haven't liked us for no reason? And then they end up telling us its cause they thought we didn't like them, rbf, ETC. It made me wonder how it is for actual KPOP idols. Cause we see a LOT of groups backstage, passing by and greeting each other. We always treat the other groups like how you see older KPOP groups treat the new ones. After the dust has settled in what type of group we are (the hide in the back and do our own thing type), the drama here gets really crazy... I'm so glad we aren't in the spotlight anymore in that way cause we are much older than everyone else and most of us are introverts. 

Sometimes we get fans and like... DEDICATED fans. I never thought I would have the opportunity to grow a community and inspire someone. I have grown a lot as a cover dance member this year in terms of success in workshops, performances, and other special gigs as a member of my group. It makes me really happy and I am proud. 

I feel like Hannah Montana sometimes, living a double life. Just an interesting experience as someone who is an introvert, but then when I'm on stage or in public I have like some type of alter ego. Anyway, I just wanted to see some type of conversation or thought about this since I don't have anyone to talk to about it aside from my groupmates/friends. Do you feel the same way if you're in your own group?

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