"Made in Abyss currently has 2 seasons, but the plot is so good. I'm enjoying watching it"

This is the Manhwa cover for Made In Abyss

There was also one with blood but I was scared it'd get banned by the website so I only posted these ㅋㅋ Imagine if a female idol and not a male idol recommended this kind of stuff, even if they were a nobody, they'd get freaking bashed on 

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1. [+251, -3]
I'm a super huge otaku so I know that this manhwa artist is a big p*do and his manhwas are only sold in the dark. The plot itself is indeed interesting, but yup, that's a manhwa from a p*do...

2. [+190, -1]
The kids who are watching this are only doing it because they think that the drawings are cute, but this plot is a mess and I don't recommend it. The author isn't a criminal, but he's almost acting like a virtual p*do and once the manhwa is over, I'm sure he'll be booked for jail. The manhwa is currently set on hiatus

3. [+182, -9]
the kids who say that this isn't problematic probably have melted brains and aren't normal 

4. [+159, -13]
Soobin's fans must be on another level of bullsh*t, how is this not a p*do manhwa?

5. [+122, -188]
The real otakus would know... You kids don't even try to decipher the deeper meanings of this work and just judge it by the cover.. 

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