The trend was to have a short philtrum
But now, the trend seems to be a longer philtrum with white skin (T/n: faces with longer philtrum like Winter have been praised a lot on community sites lately)

To be honest, whether you have a long or short mid-face, if you look pretty, you are pretty. But when I look at Insta lately, I feel like faces with long philtrum are the trend so... I decided to write this post

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1. [+29, -1]
At this point.... you should just live life with your face. My face shape will come in trend at one point too... That's why you shouldn't get procedures following trends

2. [+20, -5]
It's pretty to have a short philtrum but having a slightly longer philtrum is more my style

3. [+13, -1]
What OP's saying. So many twisted kids here

4. [+12, -2]
I really wonder where the impression that people with long mid-face is ugly come from? If you look at the trendy beauties right now, you can see that people like Jennie and Haerin do have short mid-face and look like cats so that's why you think that they are pretty. But it doesn't mean that people with long mid-face are ugly

5. [+8, -1]
So a face like Winter?

6. [+8, -3]
Personally, people with a longer chin are prettier. Short chins are so-so

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