I'm convinced that pictures can't capture her well after seeing gifs in real life. I wonder why?

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I think that Kazuha's aura can't be captured in photos. She definitely looks prettier in motion

2. [+39, -2]
People that look better in real life either have more dimensional faces or have better body. Kazuha has bothㅇㅇ

3. [+28, -1]
Someone who saw her in real life said that she was the one top
"I didn't pay much attention to Zuha before because the Sserafim members were all fancy looking but after seeing them in real life, it changed. Cameras don't do Kazuha justice. Even when the other members were standing next to her, her innocence was crushing others to death so I couldn't see anyone else than Zuha...

4. [+26, -1]
That's why it's especially important for actors not to have flat faces but dimensional faces. Most of them are captured on videos so no matter how pretty they look from the front, they get ruined as soon as they turn to the side

5. [+25, -1]
I also like Kazuha's side profile..

6. [+11, -2]
Her profile is crazy

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