[teens stories] LIFE IS ALL ABOUT LOOKS

I suddenly just got so f*cking jealous of pretty people and it's driving me crazy.
They receive so much attention just because they're approachable and pretty, and through this attention, they can earn money and themselves, as a person, become so special.
Honestly looks have nothing to do with hard work. People who are simply good at studying know that this is a "process" they'll never be able to go through. All I can think of is how amazing this is. The fact that pretty people were simply born pretty, and with this reason alone, they are able to gain so many advantages makes me so envious of them... But me too, I freaking like pretty people, so I'm speechless at my own self too

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1. [+102, -37]
What are you saying? Money is everything 

2. [+103, -17]
But the way you're thinking really shows you're a teen

3. [+82, -25]
But it is true... This is such a rhetorical question that I'm tired of saying it, the kids who are denying it are just Hannyeos who look like sh*t (t/n: Hannyeo = derogatory term for Korean women)

4. [+66, -4]
Otherwise people will ask you "What kind of universities are you going to?" but to pretty people, you don't even need to explain anything, your looks are your competencies

5. [+53, -14]
This is so dumbfounding, the fact that you yourself like pretty and handsome people is freaking hilarious ㅋㅋ..

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