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1. What's wrong with them? Why are they so good?

2. No but Winter is f*cking wow, no way 

3. What's up with Winter? She's freaking good 

4. Giselle's acting is f*cking good crazy 

5. Winter-yahㅠㅠㅠ

6. What's up with them... How are their acting so good? And their enunciation is crazy, they use their bodies so well too. Please give us a 16 episodes of this kids 

7. Wow Winter was freaking amazing. Even for Unhappy's MV too, she was so good that I was shocked... 

8. Wow Winter's facial expressions are so good, the way she smiled in the middle was so good 

9. Wow why is Giselle so ood at acting??? I was so shocked that I had to leave a comment 

10. Wow both were so good.. I'm looking forward to the other members too 

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