(Spicy 11 ver. VS Giant 17 ver.)

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1. 17 versions???

2. Seriously, can everyone just release 1 version? I'm not just talking about aespa but male idols too, they are selling millions of albums but are wasting so much paper

3. Weekends usually have weaker sales but since they released it on Friday, I guess they are waiting for next week to start the bulk orders

4. They only have 4 members but 17 versions?... they have the same amount of versions in my bias group with twice the number of members

5. Everything else aside, 17 versions is just shocking

6. 4 people and 17 versions...ㄷㄷ

7. Everyone's sales are going down, not just aespa. What's there to hate about?

8. Idols don't sell a lot on the weekends. The people who know this do it on purpose

9. I'm curious about how they designed the 17 versions...

10. But why would they have 17 versions?

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