According to local media outlets such as Sohu.com, Angelababy is in danger of being kicked out of the Chinese entertainment industry. Since the beginning of her career, Angelababy has been in the news for her plastic surgery, acting, and extravagant personal life. After her divorce from Huang Xiaoming, she was targeted by malicious people for her free-spirited relationship.

However, this time, the reason why she is in danger of being expelled from the Chinese entertainment industry is because she watched Blackpink's Lisa's Crazy Horse Show. Crazy Horse Show is famous for being one of the top three cabarets in France, but it is also notorious for having the highest level of nudity. Because of this, the idea of K-pop star Lisa taking the stage at Crazy Horse Show was not well received in the country.

In China, the China Performing Arts Association strictly prohibits the promotion of obscene and vulgar performances as a way to maintain celebrity dignity. However, when it was revealed that Angelababy had attended the Crazy Horse Show, public opinion quickly deteriorated.

Although Angelababy's representatives quickly clarified that she did not attend the show, Chinese netizens were not convinced that she had attended a BLACKPINK concert even when China was boycotting Korean celebrities.

As a result, Chinese media outlets have also been boycotting Angelababy. Her regular show, "Cheongseol Heun Hoheul(?)," was suddenly canceled, and Angelababy's appearance was edited into CG. CCTV is also deleting Angelababy's appearances. Tiffany & Co, for whom Angelababy is an advertising model, did not invite him to the Shanghai event.

Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni(?)were forced to suspend their activities.

"Baidu has banned the mention of Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni. They are banned from all platforms"

This is the situation of the two mentioned above
They can't be searched on Baidu
And their SNS status is uncertain

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1. China really shows you what it's like to be spied on by a countryㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Lisa was the one appearing on the show and they just went to watch her... what is this?

3. This is kinda scary... The idea of a country going all out to control an individual to that extent..ㅋㅋ

4. But it's true that even if a celebrity doesn't perform in that nude show, they are still promoting it by attending. And they have rules against promoting such performance

5. The show is getting mixed opinions but for the country to go that far for censorship is oba. What a scary country;

6. She's being exiled not even for performing at the show but for attendingㄷㄷ

7. Wow f*ck, as expected of China;;;; their surveillance control is solid

8. So watching Lisa's show was the finishing blowㅋ

9. But why does I feel like Korea is trying to copy China. This doesn't look too far off from us

10. It's true that China is a weird country but why would she go out her way to attend the show?

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