Dex: After I became an adult, I think that what I consider a masterpiece would be
- Made in Abyss

Dex: Personally, the anime I would like to recommend is
- Made in Abyss
- What I like about this animation is that
- It's full of  reversals 
- At first, it looked bright and cheerful
- But there was this kind of relic in a pit
- There were a lot of levels to this
- 5 levels

Dex: She has one single goal
- From the girl who started it all
- She experienced a lot of things
- She received a lot of hurt
- She overcame that and grew up
- And eventually, she reached her goal

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1. Start watching it from 7:45

2. Even among otakus, this anime makes people go "..." and he's out there recommending it

3. The fact that he watched it and didn't see anything problematic is.....

4. 🤮

5. I don't know because I didn't watch it but just like other people are saying, I think that the issue is that this is available on OTT and got a rating of 15+

6. Hul he even called it a masterpiece...

7. If you start watching Dex's content, you'll start finding a lot of things he says and does a turn off... it's only because it's not talked about on TheQoo

8. I wonder what goes in his mind to call this anime a masterpiece and to recommend it

9. I searched it up on Google and it just looks like your typical otaku anime but you're telling me it's gore...?

10. Stop talking about Japanese anime... Many celebrities have been beaten up for talking about Japanese anime, do they not learn from others?

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