FIFTY FIFTY, which is entangled in a dispute with their management agency, is slated to receive their first payment this month. As per inside sources within the music industry, FIFTY FIFTY began to show financial profitability by the close of this month, which means that the members' first payment settlement can now occur.

Keena, who is the only member to have reconciled with the agency, is projected to receive a significant first payment, anticipated to be in the tens of millions of KRW (5 to 6 figures in USD).

Interestingly, for FIFTY FIFTY, most of this first payment is derived primarily from revenues generated through music streaming platforms. The group remarkably managed to turn a profit merely two years after their debut, solely through their music streaming income. This accomplishment is all the more noteworthy, considering they had no additional income from advertisements, concerts, or guest appearances due to the ongoing disputes.

This impressive feat can be accredited to the worldwide success of their chartbuster track, "Cupid," which performed exceptionally well on prominent global music platforms like Billboard and Spotify. As per the international music revenue settlement system, it usually takes 4 to 9 months from the time of revenue generation for the settlement to take place. Therefore, this month, the members are finally expecting their hard-earned compensation.

However, the situation remains uncertain for three members—Saena, Sio, and Aran—who have been locked in a dispute with the agency since April. Their chances of receiving the settlement payments might be influenced by the fact that they have already received contract termination notices and have expressed their intention to continue their legal disputes with the agency.

Keena, who is now to receive her first settlement, intends to persist in her ventures as a member of FIFTY FIFTY. Notably, FIFTY FIFTY has been listed as a nominee for the '2023 Billboard Music Awards,' with Keena being the sole representative for the group at the event. Plans are also being laid out to restructure the group, positioning Keena at the helm.

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1. Keena is the real winner

2. Keena-yah, congrats on your first payment. Buy some chicken for Raenda (T/N: there's a Korean meme surrounding Fifty Fifty to joke about the group members' lack of recognition. There was a question asked on FM Korea (kinda like Quora) about how the Fifty Fifty members were called. And someone answered "they are called Sio, Saena, Aran, Keena" which can also read as "Sio, Saena, Aran, Keena and Raenda". The term "raenda" comes from shortened form of "-라 한다/랜다 ("they are called")". The person who asked the question mistook "Raenda" for being a member)

3. Just why did the other members walk away from such opportunity?...

4. Keena, congrats, I hope that Keena and the CEO see success in the future too

5. These girls weren't even promoting actively, but if you see them getting tens of millions of won in settlement, if they were active, advertising, and traveling abroad, they would have really received billions of won each

6. Wow, that's amazing. If that's what they could have gotten paid just from music revenue, they would have gotten a lot more if they had done advertising and other activities. This is the blessing that the CEO got from his good deeds

7. Things turned out well for Keena

8. Keena is smartㅋㅋ

9. Wow they are already getting paid??? Must be nice... congrats congrats

10. What's more is that people only remembered the name "Keena"ㅋㅋㅋ She's really the winner

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