Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (28) is the first man to win back-to-back Olympic titles in men's figure skating.

He announced his marriage in August

To everyone who has supported me

Thank you so much for your kind words, support, and encouragement.

Tthere's something I want to tell you.

I got married to a non-celebrity person.

We married with the intention of truly honoring and cherishing each other.

We have overcome and spent time together, thinking of many things to protect each other.

In such a life, my partner acted to protect me and supported me, even when I was unable to take a single step out of the house.

Currently, slander, stalking, and unauthorized interviews and reports are being made by various media outlets to the general public, their relatives and friends, and to my relatives and friends. Even in my living space, I may be followed by a suspicious car or person and suddenly shouted at.

However, because I was immature, it was very difficult and unbearable for me to protect the other person and myself as we are now. With the possibility that this situation will continue, and even if it improves temporarily, there is a possibility that it will become such a situation, when I thought about the future, I made the decision to divorce because I want the other person to be happy, and I want to be happy without any restrictions.

In the future, please do not cause any inconvenience to the other person, their relatives or related persons, or to my relatives or related persons, with such as slander, unauthorized interviews or reports. I sincerely ask you.

We will continue to move forward. Thank you for your continued support.

Yuzuru Hanyu

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1. Ah f*ck, he's f*cking pitiful

2. He got married??

3. Over here too, he said he was getting married and the speculations and comments about the woman's looks were so bad... Did you not expect him to get a divorce? Just look at how the comments are telling him that he should've gone overseas... it must've been so tiring... the reason for the divorce is so sad...

4. I'm so sad ㅠㅠ

5. Wow what was totally fast... the reason for his divorce is too...ㅠ

6. Hul he couldn't even enjoy his life as newly weds.... so sad

7. He loves her so he divorced her for her happiness, that's pretty sad....ㅠ

8. I can't believe he got bullied instead of being congratulated

9. He was having it way harder than we expected

10. Huh....? I feel like I just read his marriage news not long ago... no but imagine how much they tormented him to get a divorce.. it's severe

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