When I open [the album], I see a boy through a hole... I make eye contact with him. When I open it, I see that same boy lying on a motel bed. Isn't this unhinged?"
"The zipper bag contained very suspicious photos, when I took it out, it turned out to be body parts of a boy.
When I saw this, I even wondered if I bought the right product..."

SHINee Taemin

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1. I can...Understand the fans not liking their bias getting hated on, but shielding this is just weird. I don't understant why fans would shield this 

2. I'm kinda taken aback with the fact that fans are shielding this because he's a man, meanwhile, this would be outrageous if this was a woman 

3. It's disgusting to see that people are treating this as "we only want to hate on him so we're creating a controversy out of nothing" type of thing 

4. He doesn't even suit this concept, why are they doing this?

5. They lost their minds with that underwear shot... What kind of criminal concept is this?

6. They went too far...

7. This is a clear example of supply without demand

8. Think about this if they reversed the genders

9. The title “Guilty” has a boyish concept and with a s**ual connotation, it reminds me of a p*do, but mixed with voyeurism, I am very repulsed

10. We're not making things up about this boyish concept, Taemin aside, this is not it
Taemin is 30 y'o, but it's a fact thatt they're giving him that kind of s**ual concept because he has a boyish face

11. That whole reminds me of molka, I'm so shockedㅜ

12. People were praising the teasers but are now hating on it? ㅋㅋ

13. This is a bit too much... 

14. Even if it's "just" a concept, they went too far, this makes me feel bad..

15. They really crossed the line.. 

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