There is a lot of talks about whether it is okay for idols to recommend manhwasthat featuring child torture, p*do content, and mutilation

They're starting to drag everyone who recommended/enjoyed this manhwa in the past (example above)

Most of the people are of the opinion that you shouldn't recommend it if you're an idol. K-pop shouldn't precede over morality. There are even people who said that although they watched it, they hated it.
(There are also a lot of people saying that they should apologize for watching those manhwas

For reference, the people who are mentioning the manhwa are saying that Soobin said "I don't recommend it, but I enjoyed it" so people are divided between shielding him VS he still said "it's fun"

- I just saw MIA recently and the thing I'm more curious about than the story is...
- People recommend Made In Abyss??
- The Made In Abyss author is a P*d*
- I wouldn't even be surprised if the MIA writer gets caught one day
- I was wondering what MIA was turns out, it's Made in Abyss
- I feel like the MIA author will get caught one day
- I think that the weirdest writer I've ever come across was MIA's writer

These are the Korean reactions

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1. Japanese animes are a landmine, there's no benefits from mentioning it.. they're just dumb

2. Even Japanese people are not fond of that author... Most Japanese people have canceled that guy 

3. There are a lot of instances where Japanese manhwas are so f*cked that I wonder what went through their heads when making it, but this one is way beyond that, this is just insan e

4. Ah f*ck Taeyong is such a turn off seriously 

5. Hul isn't p***philia illegal??? And they recommended it??

6. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ The fans are worse than otakus trying to promote this anime, they'll regret this 

7. I'm more impressed that even foreigners know about this anime. I've never heard of it, so are they die-hard otakus too?

8. This is honestly despicable...

9. They seriously treat this as some innocent recommendation? The content of that anime makes me want to vomit 

10. Eww f*ck what is this... I'm gonna start skipping on those weirdos in the idol industry f*ck 


These are the three main characters of the Abyss Exploration Team.
From the left
They arrive at the island where they have to explore the huge hole, the Abyss, and there they meet a girl named Irumyuui, who was abandoned by her clan.

Irumyuui was a pitiful child who was abandoned by her clan and not treated as a human being just because she was infertile.
Irumyuui follows the expedition team on her own will and explores the depths of the Abyss together with them, and becomes close to Vueko, following her as if she's her mother.
The expedition team goes deep into the abyss, where they drink strange water and contract an unidentified disease, putting them on the verge of extinction.

Irumyuui and Vueko also fall ill and are in danger of death, and Wazukyan suggests using the artifact called the Cradle of Desire(?) on Irumyuui.

A Cradle of Desire is something that makes the wishes of the person who holds it come true, but the point is that it can only be used on children.
Therefore, it can't be helped and only Irumyuui will be the one using it among the expedition members.

Irumyuui, who had the Cradle of Desire implanted in her body, gradually lost her human form.
Like a queen ant, she ends up giving birth continuously.
The babies born by Irumyuui were imperfect beings that died after just one day.
In this way, Irumyuui gives birth to babies every day and experiences the deaths of the babies every day.
She suffers from extreme emotional and physical pain.

However, according to Wazukyan , this is exactly what Irumyuui herself had hoped for.
It is said that Irumyuui, who was abandoned by her clan due to infertility, continued to give birth and saved the expedition team.
What this means is that Wazukyan saved the expedition team, which was dying of malnutrition due to unidentified water, by using Irumyuui's babies as food resources.

Eventually, Irumyuui grew bigger and bigger and was used only as a tool to produce food resources.
And Irumyuui, whose offsprings are taken away every day, screams in pain and suffers all the time.

Vueko said that she felt sorry for Irumyuui and suggested that they at least bring the offsprings back  after they were dead. Wazukyan continued to steal the live babies and cook them, saying that freshness is important in soothing the expedition's illness.

Belaf, who had the coolest image among the three sages, finds out that what he ate were in fact Irumyuui's children, and the shock causes his mind to collapse and he becomes half-mad.
As time goes by, Irumyuui gradually grows so large, becoming a village itself, where those who survived by eating Irumyuui's children live in a village.

And later, a being called Faputa was born from Irumyuui.
This is a monster with tremendous power that inherited Irumyuui's resentment.
In the end, those who survived by eating Irumyuui's children are killed by Faputa and, ironically, are eaten as food by Faputa.

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1. Some people are saying "watch the anime it's fine", these people's brains must've been melted... 

2. Repulsive, I've heard about this show, but this is beyond my imagination 

3. I cannot understand any person who would recommend this 

4. ................... Meanwhile he claimed that the world view of this story was good. And people are really saying that the manhwa is so so but that the anime is better? Has everyone lost their minds???????

5. How can you know if a child is infertile...

6. How is this not a crime.... He's gonna lose so many fans 

7. I can understand why foreigners are making a fuss

8. Ah f*ck I just ate and this makes me want to barf 

9. Ugh I'm just reading the text here and... And the anime contains all those scenes too 

10. Continuously birthing babies and having them eaten, wow f*ck what is this 

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