6 municipalities recognized in 2017 ➡️ 328 municipalities recognized in 2023

It's spreading faster than I thought

70.9% of the population now live in areas allowing same-sex partnerships,

Even rural villages are increasingly recognizing them.

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1. I wish that Korea would act faster too

2. Wow just looking at the comments here makes me realize how hopeless our country is

3. Look at the British conservatives, who say that in order to preserve the framework of marriage and family, which they value most, there has to be homosexuality, because that's what's right. If the family is important and the people within the institution of marriage are important, then you have to recognize the diversity of its members. We're not conservative, we're all backwards in that regard. Same with the religion crap.

4. I'm jealous

5. If it becomes a law, people's perceptions will change. Policy must go first. Slavery used to discriminate against everyone secretly, but the world is changing as the law changes. Everyone was crying against women's rights but now, it's just something taken for granted. The law comes first. If you wait for the perception to change, you can't achieve anything.

6. Please don't do this to our country....

7. I don't think that Japan did this because their perception of homosexuals is good thoughㅋㅋㅋ and they don't have high human rights either but why do they get so much praises every time?ㅋㅋ

8. I personally think that law has to come first. I feel like our country's people really follows the law so...

9. Japan is fascinating. Women's rights are at the rock bottom but they are cool with things like thisㅋㅋ

10. When will our country do this?

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