Caption: Beer so far goes well with chicken, goes well with soju, goes well with company dinner

Karina: But, it doesn't suit me

Caption: The 4th generation beer is finally here

Karina: Am I hooked? Crush on, KRUSH

"The marketing is great... the advertiser is a genius"

"I think they succeeded with the ㅠ They got rid of your typical beer image, the "4th generation beer" slogan is fresh, and since this is Karina's first solo advertisement, her image was never used before and it feels new... it's a win-win both for the model and the brand"

"They really picked a good model as well as the color scale and aura of the video... It's been a long time since we've seen a beer ad that doesn't follow the typical flatness of mass-produced liquor ads and makes you really want to buy it"

"The concept is overall calm, same goes for Karina, so it looks more cool and refined... seriously, I prefer this
> They really picked a good CF... Lotte Liquor did pretty well"

"The CF is polished and nice. It's not like your typical beer ad full of 'fighting' energy so it makes it more memorable"

Honestly, when the beer ad appeared, I was worried that it would be a liquor ad that is half sexy and half cheerleading captain-esque, but even I wanted to drink the beer along with the ad and the reactions are good

Winter + snow + rooftop + night view + girl crush concept + 4th gen idol + 4th gen beer

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1. Oh I don't particularly like beer but I want to try this

2. So cool. I could smell the winter aura. I hope they come out with a Christmas concept too...ㅎ

3. This was so well shot but I wouldn't call it "genius"

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the ad was so well made. The fact that people said they wanted to have a beer watching this ad says it all

5. It looks like a scene out of a foreign Netflix drama. The colors and aura are prettyㅋㅋ I've never thought of it but Karina looks like an actress

6. The sentence is so good "it doesn't suit me"

7. I also liked it. Soju and beer ads have that unique loud or 'full of fighting' energy? But I like how they didn't have that here

8. Which part of this was "genius"?

9. Karina is pretty

10. Not sure about which part was "refined" here but Karina is pretty

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