It has been confirmed that Lee Sun Kyun (48) made a statement during a police investigation to the fact that he was tricked by the female manager of a brothel he had known for years into taking drugs without realizing they were drugs.

According to legal circles on the 5th, Lee, who was charged with hemp and crystal meth under the Narcotics Control Act, made a statement to the effect that he was "deceived by Ms. A (29-female), the manager of the brothel," during a second summons investigation received by the Incheon National Police Agency's Drug Crime Investigation Division the previous afternoon.

He reportedly claimed that "Ms. A deceived me and gave me something" and that "I didn't know was drugs."

Lee's claim is a de facto admission of drug use, while denying any intent.

Earlier in the day, after being questioned for three hours, Lee told reporters, "I sincerely answered various questions and told the truth," but did not reveal any specifics.


The police plan to further verify the credibility of Lee's statement that he was "deceived by A." They will also conduct a reinforcement investigation based on Lee's other statements secured during the second investigation and request a third appearance soon.

There are currently 10 people, including Lee and Kwon, under investigation by the Incheon National Police Agency for alleged drug use.

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1. ㅋㅋ then he should've just said that he didn't knowㅋㅋ it's the same as saying "I drank but I didn't know I'd commit DUI". He should've said he didn't know since the beginning then

2. So he didn't know but was blackmailed 300 million won.....?

3. So he indeed do drugs. But if he did drugs in January and didn't do it for 10 months, he was probably sh*tting his pants seeing Yoo Ah In get caught

4. I knew he'd say this. I expected him to say that he got tricked and was blackmailedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and he's gonna make his return in.a few yearsㅡㅡ

5. Disgusting

6. He was OUT the moment he went to a brothel as a married man

7. Does he think that people are fools?

8. Why did you go to a brothel then?

9. Just take responsibility for what you did and admit your wrong. What are you doing now?

10. Yeah I don't believe this

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