t/n: It's kind of the equivalent of Korea's Rotten Tomatoes from CGV. Knets are looking at the "Golden Egg" rating, the way it works is this:
Masterpiece = 95%<
Good movie with some issues = 90-95%
anything under 80% = trash

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1. You can straight up tell that it's boring. End Game was a fluke, even for Captain Marvel, it was the worst

2. Marvel is a has-been... 

3. You're telling me this is the kind of action scene from a super hero? ㅎ

4. So they flopped

5. This is a huge flop 

6. I just the post about Park Seojoon, this is about to become dark history for him 

7. This looks solidly bad

8. Hul why are the scores so low? Does it really suck that bad?

9. This is the score given by true Marvel fans and it's that low 

10. Gasp those are trashy scoresㄷㄷㄷ

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