"One person buying 100 albums..? .. KPOP's gloomy plastic"

(showing that there's a vinyl layer on top of the card)

"Are you scared of groups that sell millions of copies? Why are you tearing up the album of our kids who are finally making a comeback after all those years? Do they have more plastic than other albums?? What was your intention in taking this video and uploading it to show off???"

"Look at you trashtalking about them when you can't touch the groups who are selling millions all the timeㅋㅋMeanwhile as a journalist, when you go somewhere, don't you have to present your business card? Aren't you embarrassed?"

"I'm shocked. There are million-sellers coming out every month, do you think it makes sense to showcase a team that released one album for the first time in five years? That's a group who is considered to have reached a career high with only 100,000 albums in their first week sales
+Do you think it’s right to tear off people’s faces at will? To reporters like you, do you even see celebrities as people?"

"100 albums is 100, 1000 albums is 1000, every album is precious to us.. Meanwhile you're ripping this off... What is this... Ha..."
"What is the true meaning of environmental waste? This video shows exactly that. Reporters (if that's what you call yourself) I hope you're ashamed of yourself"
"I hope you realize that this is a precious album to someone else"
"As expected from Yonhap News... the rotten smell is coming out here...You guys are pathetic... are they broadcasting this as news?
"Why are you bullsh*tting with our albums?"

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1. Of course they have the right to be offended... It's not like Infinite is leading this inflation, what are they doing?

2. This is infuriating, what are they doing?

3. The 2nd generation has nothing to do with the KPOP inflation we're seeing now, of course they're allowed to feel unfairly treated

4. This is upsetting... They've came back for the first time after all those years

5. It's honestly showing how scared they are of groups who are actually selling millions, why would you rip stuff up like that?

6. Of course people will be offended, why not mosaic them?

7. No but there are so many million selling groups to choose from, why randomly choose Infinite? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Infinite also only has 3 versions..

8. They deserve the hate ㅋㅋ

9. Why are they blaming the 2nd generation when they have nothing to do with the inflation?

10. This group has nothing to do with the inflation meanwhile their albums are getting treated like trash and they're ripping it off, they're crazy 

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