The member in question is Nayoug, Korean 
She's not a Korean American, she's 100% Korean 

Right now, Hybe is running a survival show with the intention to debut a group in the US 
Nayoung is one of the most popular members in the show irght now
Nayoung was said to debut despite the fact that there are fans supporting other girls from other countries
Nayoung is still a member that many fans have chosen or liked because they thought she was "needed" in the debut unit 

And because this is a Hybe X US gruop, Nayoung has the Asian charm + A trendy look that will appeal to Western countries + Good physique + Talents
Anyways, people were certain she'd debut under the group 
And she was even expected to become one of the aces 

Even even in the latest poll vote, 
although the Filipina and the Indian girl got a huge amount of support
She was right after Sophia and Lara

However, Nayoung Lee was eliminated just before the live broadcast despite the high number of votes, such as 3rd place.

The reason was revealed through the evaluation between Hybe and the American labels

Hybe and the U.S. label trained the selected members for about two years.
And this survival was conducted
In the meantime, I think they had monthly consultations to see what were the thoughts the trainees had
(There were members who requested to voluntarily leave the program midway through the program.)
There, Nayoung said that she might quit the group in the next few years and pursue a solo career.

There must have been great concerns within Hybe and the American label as well.
Although she is an ace-level member who is both popular and attractive.
She could've withdrew voluntarily, and she did say it at first, but she didn't pull the plug herself...

Hybe and the American label had no choice but to be very wary of such talk.
Everyone at Hybe probably knows that when Hybe announced its expansion into the U.S., they bought the American label at a very high price.
I heard all kinds of stories about how astronomical the amount of money were being spent on label singers leaving the label and other things they were doing, and that Hybe singers were wasting their money.
They've also trained these girls for 2 years before coming on this show. 
Since this is going to be the first group they will release, they must have been more wary of a solo debut after leaving the group, which is common among overseas groups. 

In the end, even after receiving 3rd place votes today, she didn't progress to the final stage

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1. She will definitely not last in a group 

2. Why would you join a survival show with this mindset? She didn't even leave voluntarily when she wanted to, so was she trying to build up her own popularity? The fans who voted so hard for her must've felt like it was in vain 

3. People really think that it's arrogant to think about solo activities in a group? 
I feel like she was just too honest
On the other hand, I'm sure that the company can take care of you even if the group isn't doing well

4. This show as a whole is so meaningless, there's no responses from the US nor from other Western countries. Rather than picking for skills or charms, they only pick for their own countries. The Filipina being #1 makes no sense.. This already feels like a flop so it's better that she's out 

5. She's just honest, she was too naive

6. She really talked about going solo on a group survival show? I don't buy this, or maybe there was some misunderstanding in the conversations... 

7. If this is indeed something she said, of course it's only right they dropped her 

8. Just looking at the photos, Samara and Manon seem to be the ones who would be popular, the results are quite unexpected?

9. I feel like thre should be at least one Korean, this is a shame 

10. If there's not a single Korean in the show, I won't be interested at all... I like almost all of Hybe's groups 

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