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1. Do they not have any bodyguards? They're not doing a single thing to protect their artists

2. What is SM doing? Don't you have to staff your bodyguards? Why are you protecting your artists like that 

3. Whenever I look at SM artists at the airport, I realize how little security they have
What are they doing? This is insane. They way they're lining up behind their bias to take their pictures is crazy. And if you watched other videos, they were bending their heads low to pass. All this because of the sasaeng trashes

4. This shows how much of an extreme job it is to still have to smile despite the situation 

5. Is that Irene? She looks so pissed off, but I understand why she would be 

6. This was chaos too...

7. Red Velvet never had this level of craze in the airport so they probably thought they didn't need any guards to be there.. Today was an unique case, it was so bad 

8. Cringe... Look at the way they're sticking themselves right onto them 

9. Irene is kind, she's smiling even with all those people pushing her 

10. Irene looks shocked...

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