Soobin: You're/it's boring
Seunghan: No but who cares about being boring when it's a fact, this is a fact. You can't dance, you can't sing, you can't rap either
Soobin: Wait for it
Seunghan: Just because you got to do one Mubank MC gig, you're all excited
Soobin: Wait for it
Seunghan: Your meet our Eunchae
Soobin: I have something to show you *F*ck you toe*
Seunghan: You're freaking disgusting

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1. I just f*cking hate both of them 

2. Ugh what a turn off 

3. They seem to be quite close, how did they even get close?

4. That "our" ㅋㅋㅋ

5. Who are they talking about when they're saying "can't dance, sing and rap"?

6.That guy is still a rookie damn... I only feel bad for the female idol being mentioned

7. They just seem to be super close and this is the kind of things 2 guys in their 20s would say, but my question is are they even close to that girl they mentioned..?

8. I don't understand the issue... Aren't they just chatting as friends?? Of course, it's kinda so so that they mentioned the female idol like that, but I don't see why we are hating on them?

9. They're freaking disgusting, it's my first time seeing them too

10. Eunchae is another idols name? Ugh... What did she do to deserve this 

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