This will be demonstrated on the 22nd

Lee Sangmin center 5  director nim! 
You can't expect what else will be exposed in the future right?

Let alone blocking fandom entry but he's the main contributor for people leaving the fandom
Withdraw that monthly Seunghan (t/n: 월간승한 - Knets gave him that name beacause he creates controversies every month) 

SM's dumb center 5 who disappointed in the 70 days of promotion and blocking the next 7 years of the group

RIIZE with Seunghan will be on their downfall
RIIZE with Seunghan's withdrawal will rise

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1. They've only debuted for 70 days? That's legendary 

2. If you considered the cases where SM didn't kick out people, it was because they were a main part of the group, but if you look at Lucas, you can't even say that he isn't really "kicked out" either. They're only 70 days into their debut, I hope they realize that this might be a worthwhile investment to kick him out 

3. It'll be way more effective if we all boycotted him!

4. No but please leave already, I'm honestly begging you 

5. It's true that he's the wall to fandom entry... I was warming up to them, but I've completely given up... I'll just be an individual fan

6. That's right, leave already. If you kick him out, they have the potential to blow up like Le Sserafim... he's tiring everyone out

7. Monthly Seunghanㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Wow only 70 days, this one is never heard of 

9. Yup yup, first of all, I'm one of them who quit the fandom

10. He doesn't suit RIISE's concept at all, and he keeps getting into controversies so it's better to just kick him out. It's not like he's the main vocal either

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