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1. He's giving fake hopes to the fans ㅜ He's doing them so dirty 

2. Aren't you the leader

3. Just withdreaw

4. He's still a promoting idol, and he's the leader on top of it? Do you think that the group promotions are a joke? If you don't want to promote, why don't you just let go of the group's name then? Is it that hard? Just withdreaw cleanly and stop giving fas fake hopes 

5. Huh?? He's still in the group but refuses to promote with them ??? ... Then why does he stay there...?

6. Looks like every time he'll have group activities overlapping with his acting gigs, he'll always choose the acting gigs... But looks like even when he has no acting gigs at all, he's not planning to do any grou promotions 

7. No but just withdraw if you don't care about group promotions. I used to support you going into acting in the past, but now I hate seeing your face. Just withdraw from the group and do your solo promotions and go act. Why are you still dragging this... Seriously your image is so bad now. Do you think fans are dumb?

8. I honestly don't understadnt his.. Just withdraw

9. You're still not withdrawing?

10. My bias participated in all their group promotions despite filming their drama ㅇㅇMeanwhile he's been doing this for 3 years, just withdraw at this point 

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