When they gathered for the unity contest, Yoo Jaesuk saw Lee Mijoo and said, "I don't know why you took your commercial photos like that. You took them with your mouth like that." He then imitated Lee Mijoo in an exaggerated way. 

While Lee Mijoo felt uncomfortable saying, "Lee Kyung says I'm good looking," Lee Yi Kyung shared an unexpected advantage of Lee Mijoo's protruding mouth saying "They say it makes the product stand out." 

Yoo Jaesuk said, "Doesn't (Lee Mijoo) have a little protrusion, not much, but she corrected it (with braces). If she didn't, she'd be like me," he teased, and Joo Woo Jae called her "Jaesuk-ah" which made her laugh.

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1. I feel like Yoo Jaesuk did wrong and this is just not fun.... to be honest, Lee Mijoo's mouth isn't even protruding that much. Isn't he doing too much for the sake of a gag? Boring

2. Mijoo is pretty

3. Yoo Jaesuk has so many instances like that. Of course, they are close on a personal level and he's not insulting her and he's just trying to make viewers laugh, but since it's Yoo Jaesuk, everyone is just side eyeing him and letting him slide

4. Talking about looks is the #1 line you can't cross

5. This is such an outdated way of joking

6. Why would he create this kind of character surrounding a pretty kid like Mijoo?

7. Uhhhhh... this is just unfunny and I can't agree at all...

8. Running Man is Running Man and they diss each other a lot but does Lee Mijoo diss Yoo Jaesuk on Hang Out With Yoo? I'm just asking because I don't know

9. It's just not fun. Everybody knows that Mijoo is pretty so why would they laugh about her looks like that?ㅠ

10. How is Lee Mijoo considered to have a protruding mouth?ㅡㅡ

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