Have you guys seen this... BOYNEXTDOOR's bodyguard has to be some kind of gangsters, the fans weren't even sticking to the signers but she got shoved so hard... The video f*cking shocked me, she almost went flying. And there was nobody around her to help either. Seeing how everyone just passed by like that put me at loss of words. Anyways, this bodyguard needs to be sued

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This will make BND look so unlikable too, imagine treating the fans like that, and they just took care of themselves and passed by... She's a fan but it's as if they're doing everything they can to avoid her ㅋㅋㅋ Why don't they pick some good bodyguards from the Busan/South Gyeongsan province instead of those pigs from the neighborhoods hoods. Do they really want to be protected by people like him? Look at that guy holding his paper bag, is that pig treats?

2. [+510,-3]
Falling so hard like that can lead to a concussion, is there really a need to exert this much force? I saw the video and she wasn't even in the idols' way, but in the bodyguard's way, and the bodyguard just shoved her like that. I hope she sues him 

3. [+473, -11]
The bodyguard is of course the most problematic here, but BND too... The bodyguard is pushing their own fans, but nobody did a thing and just walked by 

4. [+356, -4]
The bodyguard is 100% at fold here and he should be blamed for this. This happens from time to time and I just feel bad for them. But I can't help but ask, why would you go to a place like that to fangirl on them? Is it because you want to get their attention? The celebrities are earning money at the end of the day, they will buy buildings with it, and all their donations are just for them to lower their taxes after all. Let's stop following celebrities around. Of course if you're a human being at first, you shouldn't be pushing people around. But a lot of bodyguards have never went through formal education and they're just some pigs, the most degenerate form of humans. 

5. [+314, -1]
I watched the video and she was pushed so hard, yet she was also holding her camera. Is he crazy for pushing her like that..?

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