(T/N: Sung Hae Eun was a contestant in Transit Love 2 and became a TV personality ever since)

"No but... why did Esquire remove Sung Hae Eun's muscles? Our unnie spent so much time at the gym..
She really looks more natural with her muscles and looks healthier so she looks good..."

She looks wayyyyyyyyyy better with muscles on
Kim Yuna also got her muscles edited out....

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1. Wow her bone structure is gorgeous too so her muscles form so prettily

2. There are really people saying that she looks prettier without musclesㅋㅋㅋㅋ no but she worked so hard building up those muscles so why would they edit them out? So they can just take them out because it's a pictorial? That's such bullsh*t excuseㅋㅋ I saw all sorts of weird comments here that made me wanna barf

3. This is why women are scared to exercise because they're afraid of getting muscles, and they pay for crappy procedures that limit their activity, like calf injections, etc. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't understand. And you f*ckers who say that women need to be feminine, you guys are even worse than that magazine

4. She looks way better with muscles on. She's way more my style like that

5. That's just the magazine's preference. Anyways, we also use filters while taking pictures so...

6. Why erase muscles that took so much effort to build....

7. The beauty standard of the people who edited those pictures are a bit... she looks way prettier and trendier with muscles on

8. We even edit women's posters from foreign movies. If not, we would make their chest bigger and waist smaller. It's honestly weird

9. Our country even edit women's muscles on the final version of foreign movies' posters so~

10. What's the issue here? Then she should go take pictures for a gym magazine instead

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