"Suspicious 4 leaf clover in the intro of NewJeans' performance"

"February, a 4 leaf clover found on Minji's outfit"

"Haerin's outfit"

"Danielle's outfit"

Artist Lee Nakyung's Insta Story during the Seoul Fashion Week
"She stuck a 4 leaf clover emoticon"

Hanni's phoning name

There was a fan asking Minji to pick one green emoticon in the list and Minji put a 4 leaf clover despite not being in the list

2024's Season's Greeting
"If you look at the month of April,"

"Thursday 4/17 in the diary"

A Bunnies was speculating that their concept would be a 4 leaf clover~
I'm so looking forward to it

And this was Kim Nayeon PD's Insta story
"4 leaf clovers appearing on the filming set"

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1. [+104, -30]
Crazy, I'm gonna be obsessed with their concept againㅠㅠ

2. [+87, -33]
I can already tell... that it's gonna be good

3. [+92, -19]
Is it related to luck? Looking forward to it....

4. [+86, -20]
I was hoping that it's a song related to 4-leaf clover.. looking forward to it!!ㅎ

5. [+62, -57]
I hope they stop with the replicated easy-listening songs

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