Getting rid of buccal fat, there's no way this will ever be trendy in Korea

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1. [+127, -5]
I honestly don't understand the Western beauty standard

2. [+96, -2]
I feel like their standard of beauty is Angelina Jolie's faceㅋㅋ Hollow cheeks + big lips + square jaw... If you naturally have a face like that, you'd look super sexy, model-like and unique, but seeing the examples there... It's too much. It feels like even if it doesn't suit their face, they must go for that look. Only Bella Hadid looks exceptionally good with this type of standard

3. [+55, -2]
Angelina Jolie seriously made such a huge impact on US' beauty standard. She took US by the storm with just her lips alone. And now, the breasts and even the collarbones are all crafted after her. At first, I felt like her Maleficent look was too much, but all of the celebrities in the US are moving towards that direction 

4.  [+54, -2]
I also don't understand why they want to make their butt bigger like Kim Kardashian. I feel like Hollywood is just too weird!! Why do they want to fit in so much in those ever changing trends? Furthermore, there are so many people feeling antagonistic towards this current generation too

5. [+51, -2]
They kinda become unsightly and they all looked way better before... What's the reason behind this trend? 

6. [+25, -0]
Because this is their standard

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