(T/N: for context, there was a blind item circulating on community sites about actor L (here), some netizens were pointing fingers at Lee Seojin)

On March 1 KST, actor Lee Seo Jin's label Antenna issued an official statement in response to the spread of indiscriminate rumors surrounding a top star actor 'L'.

Antenna stated on this day,

"Hello, this is Antenna.

We have refrained from responding to the recent rumors posted an on online community, as the rumors were entirely false.

However, we have since confirmed that there have been numerous posts spreading indiscriminate rumors and malicious slander using the real name of our agency's artist. 

Determining that we can no longer overlook the seriousness of the situation, we plan to respond to all cases in which malicious rumors continue to damage the character and reputation of our artist with strict legal action, with no settlements or agreements. 

We sincerely thank the fans who always send their love and support for our label's artists, and we promise to continue our efforts in protecting the rights of our artists." 

Last month, an anonymous individual 'A' made a lengthy post on an online community, claiming that an actor 'L', whom she had dated for over 4 years, had recently ghosted her after a single text announcing their breakup. 'A' then made various accusations against 'L', including cheating.

Then, after speculations arose that actor 'L' might be Lee Seo Jin, the original post by 'A' was deleted.
CR: Allkpop

original post: here

1. Good

2. A lot of people here will get sued tooㅋㅋ

3. Many people in the comments were going with the rumors as if it was the truth 

4. Let's sue them all

5. Does Antenna accept reports? I took a lot of them

6. Antenna, fighting

7. Farewellㅋㅋ

8. Ah it's such a relief that it was all a lie... I did wonder if he was that bad but I'm relieved because I like him... I'm at peace

9. Fighting on the lawsuit. There's a bunch of people to catch here

10. I support the lawsuit

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