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According to News 1 on March 21, the former girl group member turned streamer, who falsely accused her agency's CEO of sexual assault, has been sentenced to imprisonment during the first trial and was detained after the verdict.

On this day, the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal 2nd Division sentenced former DIA member Somyi to 1 year and 6 months in prison.

Previously, Somyi filed a complaint with the police against her label's CEO, alleging he attempted to sexually assault her in January 2023. The case was initially dismissed, but Somyi appealed the dismissal, leading the police to review the surveillance footage related to the sexual assault.

The footage showed Somyi was lying. It showed Somyi leaving the room calmly with the CEO at the time of the alleged assault. Additionally, there was footage of Somyi entering his office and hugging the CEO, which contradicted her claims of sexual assault.

The prosecution argued that Somyi fabricated the allegations to coerce 'A' into ending his relationship with his girlfriend. However, Somyi denied fabricating the allegations, and her lawyer claimed that she was under the influence of alcohol, rendering her incapable of making sound decisions.

The court pointed out on this day, "While the victim's statements generally remain consistent both with the investigative agencies and in court, the defendant's statements lack consistency and do not align with the CCTV footage, resulting in low credibility."

The court explained, "The accused was exonerated and the charges dismissed, thanks in part to crucial evidence like surveillance footage and text conversations. Without this evidence, the outcome could have gravely involved criminal punishment. Despite the clear evidence, the defendant attempted to justify her actions by claiming she could not recall the events, being under the influence of psychiatric medication or alcohol."

The court continued, "False accusations are serious crimes that can subject the innocent party to unjust criminal punishment. The defendant's act of falsely accusing and making false statements to investigative agencies aggravates the severity of the offense."
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Isn't this the first time for a female idol? 

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I was so shocked so I looked it up she stated that she was SA at the door, but CCTV showed that she did not run away, but opened the door and came out leisurely, which proved his innocence.

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A person's life was almost ruined 

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A - Somyi, B - CEO, seriously if the CCTV didn't exist...Wow... 
"A claimed that she pushed B and ran out of the office, but it was confirmed that the CCTV footage showed her simply opening the door and coming out. It was discovered that the two were engaging in skinship while waiting for the designated driver even after leaving the office.
A few days later, B was worried about A's work stress and recommended that she stops broadcasting/streaming for a while. However,  A is known to have accepted this as a notice of dismissal, was dissatisfied, and filed a false complaint in February. B is said to have suffered financial and psychological damage, with many BJs from the agency leaving the company after the complaint.

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Seriously I'm a woman myself but don't be like that... This is embarrassing 

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