Of course, not everyone got worse
For instance, the prime example would be Key

In the past, his face appeared quite different, with less fat in the cheeks, making his cheekbones more prominent and giving him a fierce look. Could it be due to fat repositioning? Or perhaps he received filler injections to add some fat to his face, resulting in a more youthful and plump appearance?

If he just loses a bit of weight, he can find the sweet spot and wouldn't look excessive so
Can he give some tips to the other singers of his company?
BoA, Renjun, and Key seem to be close, but the other two seem to have put something into their faces and just can't go back to how they used to look like anymore

BoA in the past (of course, I'm not claiming that she didn't already touched her face at this time)


Renjun in the past

After touching his face

For real, what is happening?
They could've just maintained their old face and it would've turned out better
Why is everyone retouching their faces so much?ㅠㅠ

I didn't mention them but even Shotaro and Wonbin, they are just such regrettable cases
They looked way better originally

What is happening in SM?...

Please don't think of this as hate. I'm honestly just worried so I hope they can do something about it. Maybe they should change hospital or control then amount of surgery a bit..

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1. [+35, -1]
For real, I hope that they won't just brush this post off as a "troll post" and seriously think about this. Seriously, it's to the point I'm considering if I should leave the fandom

2. [+29, 0]
No but seriously, I feel like they are doing some group relay nowadays... The company should advise them a bit. I don't know if this is their personal choice but their sense of beauty is totally messed up

3. [+24, 0]
I'm not someone who likes Key but I do acknowledge that he has a good sense of aesthetic. Only people with a good sense of beauty can succeed at getting plastic surgery

4. [+18, -2]
Seriously, the hospital is just so f*cked up and they have no skills... I just feel bad for them but people will think that I'm leaving a hate comment. Honestly, this is sad. Nobody needs foreign substances in their face.. Aging naturally is best for your face but otherwise, try to at least keep it subtleㅜㅜ I'm just hating on the talentless hospital

5. [+13, 0]
Just in 2012, everyone was asking where SM's plastic surgery hospital was but now, people want to know for a complete different reasonㅋㅋㅋ

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