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It just looks like a promotional tactic form LJW's side. Just look like how it's only damaging Karina
Being in a relationship where only one side loses is more infuriating

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What are you saying... were you not there during Taeyeon's scandal? People were making a f*cking fuss because she was dating an idol. When it comes to celebrities, they should just try to hide it as long as they can

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But for her own life, she should go for an actor. Male idols of her age might not be up to standards either. Even though most of them just haven't gotten caught yet

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- said a Pann-girl.

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Just when the stock prices are soaring, it's better not to engage in romance. Even though idols are human, they can't live by doing only what they want. If there are things that others can't have, there are also aspects they have to give up.

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