I know that the 2024's fashion trend is girl core and layering but can they at least do it prettily? 
I was watching the music show and there's not a single nice cordi 
And even seeing the whole group's shot, there's no harmony in it 

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Do they have to use that diaper-like fabric all the time? It's so infantilizing... The kids' faces also look super young, so it makes it even worse. But I must say Moka is so good at using her face

2. [+13, -1]
What the? I like it though, Magnetic has that blue cinnamon roll vibe to it 

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The fit is weird, but it suits the concept, so I liked it 

4. [+8, -0]
I agree.. It looks like what they make young kids wear to make them look like princesses. Give them a magic stick and it'll complete the look 

5. [+6, -1]
They have competition like Kiss Of Life and NewJeans, and their styling are crazy good, so it makes you want to listen to their songs even more, but here, the kids have nice visuals and a nice song, but they can't seem to get their makeup and styling right, so they're unable to receive that much responses from it, rather, they're getting swears like "there's not a single kid that stands out"... 

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It's like they're wearing lolita fashion... They're all skinny and they have nice proportions so they can definitely wear better outfits than that 

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