I just read it and they're not talking about once or twice but said that all of their answers lacked sincerity 
Since they're from Hybe + are rookies, they can't really say anything bad about them, so just imagine how insincere they looked and how half-a** their answers were?

And I'm curious to see which member was speaking ㅋㅋEither she didn't understand the intent of the question at all, or she memorized the answer to all the questions, but it wouldn't be good for them to look bad to the reporters.

However, on this day, perhaps because Illit was nervous because it was their first showcase since their debut, they were unable to give accurate answers to the reporters' questions and drew criticism for giving insincere short answers, such as repeating same words. Illit, who received attention with the title 'Hybe's youngest daughter', was asked, 'Doesn't the label (being under Hybe) feel burdensome?' to which they replied, "There are many sunbaes in our company that we want to emulate. We will remember that and do our best." 

Furthermore, when asked, 'Compared to subae girl groups Le Sserafim and NewJeans, what is Illit's unique differentiator?', the member answered, "The charm of our team is that we can immerse ourselves in any moment. Our fans love this side of us. When we are on stage, we will focus on being on stage, and off stage, we will show you how we have fun among ourselves."

Next, when asked, 'Please answer in detail what makes you different from the same girl group made of teenage girls NewJeans,' Illit said, "we want to show ourselves having fun a lot on stage as well as having fun naturally off stage as well." Also, when asked, 'Is there anything you want to achieve that cannot be expressed in numbers?', they replied, 'We want to be like our sunbaes, having more fun both on and off stage and become more relaxed. We want to become a group in which the members can continue to hang out comfortably and happily with each other." Their answers were to the point it was just a copypaste of each other. 

Also, when asked, 'With so many girl groups debuting, what do you think is Illit's unique strength, whether it be singing or performance?', the question was answered with, "Our goal is to showcase our charms so that people can enjoy a variety of music." once again giving an answer that did not fit the requirements.

In addition, to the question, 'What do you think the standards are for being called a 5th generation girl group, and do you feel any pressure?', they said "We want to show the public an honest, confident, quirky, and innocent side with our own charm, so the public can also hear various music genres through us. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy music,” they said. “We know that we are practicing hard in a good environment, so we will work hard to show it to the public proudly.” This raised eyebrows by giving a stereotypical answer that did not take the question into consideration. 

On this day, the showcase was attended by nearly 100 reporters who were curious about Illit, who debuted with the support of producer Bang Sihyuk with the title 'Hybe's youngest daughter'. Reporters prepared a lot of affectionate questions for Illit, but Illit disappointed the reporters with insincere answers that amounted to tautology rather than answers to the questions themsvels. It seems like they thought the answer, “We want to show ourselves immersed and having fun on stage while having fun with each other off stage,” was the master key that encompasses all the questions.

Even considering that they are a rookie group, this showcase Q&A was even more disappointing as the Illit members did not seem to show the will to think about the reporters' questions and give accurate answers. I can understand why their voices were shaking and they stuttered while introducing themselves, and I actually want to support them. However, the way they responded to the reporters' affectionate questions by giving an answer that did not make sense, like an AI, without thinking about it more deeply before answering, and then saying "Thank you" showed a 'lack of conversation skills'.

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1. [+189, -79]
They're rookies so it's possible that it felt frustrating and awkward, and they're allowed to not know some stuff, but why would reporters write this kind of articles?.. ㅋㅋ It's so low 

2. [+178, -50]
I don't know how old those kids are but they're young and they just debuted, so of course, they'll feel anxious about it, I think it's only natural to not be able to speak properly without the experience 

3. [+156, -31]
It feels like they're doing "What do you want to eat? My goal is to eat something delicious"/"How does the food taste like? My goal is to eat something good I enjoy eating"/"What was different from what you ate yesterday? My goal is to eat something good while enjoying it"...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+141, -14]
Isn't this a forced negative virality? ㅋㅋ Hybe is known for this

5. [+143, -27]
I'm freaking frustrated just reading that article ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure they've practiced a few answers with the questions that were expected but it's like they've only been repeating the same answers over and over

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