Le Sserafim's new album 'EASY' is an album containing new musical attempts by the group. 

Sakura revealed the secret story she experienced during the production of this album. Sakura said, "Bang Sihyuk told us, 'The vocals for this album came out good. The recording will likely take a long time. I apologize in advance.' After hearing that, I became more ambitious, so I worked really hard on re-recording. I worked hard while taking lessons for the first time." she said, sharing the secret story of working on the album.


Or is she saying that she got her first vocal lesson for this album while recording?? 
Either ways, both are weird... So she really doesn't train her vocals usually.... 

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1. [+130, -4]
She already transformed herself in terms of her dance skills and you can tell that she has the drive, but she never tried to improve her vocals...? Isn't it just her vocal cords that aren't able to sing?

2. [+111, -3]
Whether this is true or not, Hybe needs to start forcing those vocal lessons to them. They either need to hire those f*cking famous vocal trainers or need to show off that their kids are training f*cking hard at singing because right now, it's clear that their vocal trainers are their weakness

3. [+82, -1]
Imagine knowing that she was born with the bad vocal chords, I bet she's the most frustrated at herself 

4. [+50, -2]
Is there even any big agency with no vocal trainers... When they're preparing to debut, they obviously receive vocal lessons. Seriously even the Sakura now isn't considered a good vocalist. However, it's true that she improved from her Izone days 

5. [+36, -27]
She's just talking about her first day taking the vocal lesson, do you really think she's talking about taking the first vocal lesson ever? ㅋㅋ

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