"I just realized why Lee Sooman isn't starting a new boy group and instead only focuses on adding more people in NCT. There's honestly not a single male idol worth debuting and it's just hopeless. But because he still needs to constantly debut people, he decided to put those in NCT and if there's a controversy, because there are so many people in NCT already, he can just remove them ㅋㅋ"

"Lee Sooman sent the bill to Bang Si-hyuk... "Please deposit 100 billion won.""
Hybe, led by Bang Si-hyuk, acquires an additional stake in SM Entertainment for 100 billion won. And that's because the price is 50% higher than the market price.

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1. [+163, -1]
Because of the incident, I don't really like him, but he sure is someone super smart... I feel like he's undervalued because he's part of SM. But he'll be able to earn money from the idol industry until he dies, and he seems to be happy just from being inspired from the industry. As expected, he's good at what he likes best.. 

2. [+158, -2]
Lee Sooman investing into drones was really a blessing for him 
"Lee Soo-man, rich in cash of 530 billion won...invested 1 billion won in drones and earned another 30 billion won"
"Selling the company made '500 billion won', investing 1 billion won '30 billion won...Lee Soo-man, who left SM, rose to the ranks of 'rich people'"

3. [+124, -8]
So EXO was his las fireworks in Korea 

4. [+114, -0]
I gotta praise his business acumen 

5. [+110, -25]
He freaking sucks for bringing in such pretty, handsome and talented kids, and make them go through so much effort to debut in order for him to earn money from them, and the moment the idols want to make more money, he files a lawsuit against them and ruin their lives. Meanwhile, he's in his room earning so much money 

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