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1. [+63, -3]
Isn't it absolutely banned to have cameras inside the army? The dude who violated the rule and took the photo and the dude who spread it around are all on the same level, it's a blessing in disguise that they got caught 

2. [+35, -6]
Do you really think he's the one who put it there...
3. [+34, -2]
He probably put it there to give himself some motivation. The fact that he got exposed with pictures like that there is so pitiful 

4. [+33, -1]
It's legally banned to take photos inside the army lockers, and this was taken secretly on top of it... Please don't give attention to pictures like these ㅜ

5. [+30, -1]
This is literally molka. This is already banned in the army, so taking any pictures inside would be considered molka. And the person who spread it can't be in his right mind either. You can be punished and it's illegal 

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