NewJeans' Getty Images taken in the US today
To be honest, celebrities aren't that white
But TV programs in our country always edit our celebrities to look pale 
That's why it looks so weird in the eyes of foreigners

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1. [+95, -5]
Is it a sin that Koreans are white? Is it a sin that our standard of beauty is to look pale? The NewJeans members are the ones who were not originally born with pale skin..

2. [+79, 0]
But haven't the NewJeans members always artificially made their skin white with makeup? The problem is that they look at people who were originally fair like Dahyun and accuse us of editing

3. [+72, -2]
To be honest, nobody in NewJeans is especially white

4. [+68, -2]
There are a lot of Koreans who are whiter than white people. I also am whiter than white people and in the summer, rather than becoming brown, I become red. But then I go back to being white in the winter

5. [+50, -1]
Korea, China and Japan are the fairest people in all of Asian and among them, Koreans are the whitest. If you ask Chinese and Japanese people what they think first when they think of a Korean person, they will say "white skin" or "good skin. If you go travel to Europe, you'll see. Korean's skin tone is close to Italians' skin tone and maybe even whiter. However, we look more yellow than North Europeans like the UK, Germany, etc. But Koreans were never originally that dark to start with. NewJeans don't have any member that is especially white in non-celebrities' standards. Minji and Hyein are both darker than non-celebrities

6. [+32, 0]
They looked like this ever since their debut so since when did they ever pretend to be white? F*ck

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